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Reproductor - Lector De CD/SACD Electrocompaniet EMP-1/S
Nuevo en caja cerrada 220v


24 Bit upsampler 192KHz DAC
The performance of the EMP-1/S in Stereo mode is exceptional, its new design achieves excellent playability & disc acceptance. The EMP-1/S can even playback most copy protection systems. The mechanism is very smooth and discrete and the disc access time has been reduced. The user interface can be fully controlled from the remote control handset or the front panel keypad.If you want to listen to music in multichannel, you have all these benefits in all channels.

The EMP-1/S is easyly upgradable to EMP-1/M, expanding the unit to a complete advanced multiplayer... more

Technical specifications

Products highlights
Exceptional Playability
High Disc Acceptance
Slim Line disc loader
Advanced DAC
Anti Vibration System
Exelent Sound Quality
Quick Disc Access Time

Audio Playback
Disc playback media :

Technical Data Conditions

No. of channels 2
Video No
Output impedance 100 ohm
Output level Balanced, 0dBFs 4.5Vrms
Noise floor 20 - 20 kHz < - 130 dB
Frequency deviation 20 - 20 kHz < 0.05 dB
Channel separation > 110 dB
THD + N 20 - 20 kHz < 0.002%
Digital/Analog Conversion 24 bit, 192 kHz
Dynamic Range 120 dB

Compatible formats CD, HDCD, SACD, MP3

Video scaler & de-interlacer No

Dimensions W x D x H 420 x 270 x 77 mm

Weight 8 kg

Power consumption No load or signal 22 W

Audio Outputs 2channel balanced line out (XLR)

Digital Outputs 75 ohm S/PDIF RCA